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Liv Turns 5: 5 Lessons in UX/UI

Shamma Alflasi

20 April 2022

5 mins read

Creating an app that would cater to all audiences – whether it was our youngsters, our millennials or even our senior users, many things needed to be taken into consideration when shaping the flow of our customer’s user experience. Here is a deep dive into the 5 key take-away’s from our 5-year journey:

The most important aspect of designing our app interface was to:

1)Keep our customers happy - over the past 5 years, Liv. has grown in more ways than we can count. Our customer base has skyrocketed, our array of products has expanded, and we have even gone live in a different country! We wouldn’t be here today or have achieved all of this if it wasn’t for our loyal customers. Adapting our content to suit different countries was important so that we could stay relevant.

An important business tip, regardless of the industry, is to:

2) Keep an ear out for competitors - analyzing similar business start-ups can help you focus on planning ahead, as well as coming up with new ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. We’re forever learning and improving, and our design and app should also continuously be improved.

Considering the spectacular growth that Liv. has had in the last 5 years, Liv’s design team has always tried to think outside the box and lived by the motto:

3) Don’t restrict yourself - with a brand as colorful as Liv, we’ve been able to think outside the box and be as creative as we want to be without dealing with the usual restrictions a traditional banking environment would have. In return, this has allowed our customer base to stay invested in us enough to follow us through our journey.

Particularly after the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the most important adaption was to:

4) Be adaptable - the world is constantly shifting, and you need to be prepared to change directions. Don’t be stagnant in a world where others are flexible to change. Refusing to be adaptable can cause your business to fall behind.

Over such a long period of time, the team had to keep reflecting on its decisions and the experience that was being created for new customers. That’s why we:

5) Always look for ways to improve - it’s important to take a step back often to assess which parts in the business can be improved. Customers will take notice of upgrades and will always be grateful for changes in the business that enhance their experience.

Especially since our demographic has continued to diversify and as our base has continued to grow, the UI and UX team has come a long way in adapting and learning from the changing circumstances. The design team has been constantly listening to our users and ensuring that the flow and customer journey is smooth, easy, and visually pleasing. Liv. is always working on enhancing our user experience, and we hope that you have enjoyed it just as much!


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