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Who’s Fraud and how to avoid him

Who's Fraud and how to avoid him

Archit Jain

Global Product Owner at Liv.
05 April 2021

2 mins read

Fraud = the crime of getting money by deceiving people

This is what Cambridge English Dictionary says about the word fraud, which is probably the easiest and best description of the word and its action. Though there are so many different types of frauds out there, let’s talk about credit and debit card frauds and how to steer clear.

A fraudster’s main goal is to trick you into giving out your account details. How? Most commonly, they’d reach out to you through a random email, message or call and claim that they’re calling you on behalf of the bank. Sometimes, they’d even claim that you’ve won a lottery in XYZ draw and they’d need to validate a few banking details with you. They would then go ahead and trick you to give away your account details (User ID & password), PIN, card number and even OTP (One-Time-Passcode) etc. which is used by them to carry out fraudulent transaction from your account or use your card for unauthorized transactions.

Remember, Liv. (or most banks for that matter) would never ask you for such information. Anyone who reaches out to you pretending to be from the Liv. or EmiratesNBD team, in order to get your sensitive account details, is trying to trick you. Hence, we’re here to remind you how you can protect yourself from fraud and what we’re doing behind the scenes to keep your money safe.

You vs Fraud

  1. Our team will never ask for your app PIN, card PIN, or any passwords or login credentials. If someone claims to be from Liv. and asks for any of these, do not share it. Take a screenshot and report them to Liv. via the in-app chat straight away.

  2. Our main service channel is via in-app chat support. If you cannot login to the app, then you can email us on from your registered email id and the team will help you through that. But in whichever case, rule 1 is ALWAYS valid!

  3. We don’t offer account support via any of our social media channels. Our team there will ask for you to DM us and someone from Customer Service will be in touch (but again, they’ll never ask for any passwords, PINs or OTPs.)


  4. Always use the most recent version of the app (download via Apple Store or Google Play Store)

Liv. vs Fraud

  1. We use two different ways to identify you (Two-Factor-Authentication); when logging in and when doing a financial transaction. When logging in, we give you the option to log into your account using TouchID or MPin. We highly recommend this option as it does actually help keep your account safe in several situations.

  2. You can easily lock and unlock your debit & credit card via the app, any time any day! Just go to Settings and click on Lock. Once you lock your card, it can’t be used by anyone (not even you) unless you unlock it. Remember, if you suspect a fraudster has got your card details somehow, lock your card immediately and request for a new one via the Liv. app.


  3. Liv. is built on the same robust platform as Emirates NBD, which means we’re always investing in the latest technologies that safeguards your account better. This includes various risk control velocity checks and step up authentication mechanisms like time-based OTPs, biometrics and face metrics.


  4. We use industry leading & best in class artificial intelligence powered anti-fraud measurement system which helps us detect and prevent any frauds proactively, 24/7.

Keeping your card and money safe is a joint responsibility. So stay vigilant and let’s keep fraud at bay. 


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