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Bonus Multiplier Rules

1) Upgrade to Bonus Multiplier Account

Calculations for eligibility will be considered on 1st calendar day of every month.

2) Fee waivers

Fee waivers for the below products will be applicable through cashback. Cashbacks are credited to the Primary Account.

- World Credit Card

- Local Transfers

- Global ATM withdrawals

3) Interest

Interest will be earned on the Primary Account balance and capped at AED 2000.

This will be credited to the Primary Account monthly.

For more details on interest breakdown, please visit

4) Downgrade from Bonus Multiplier Account

Once a customer is upgraded, eligibility requirements must be met to continue receiving benefits. If a customer is unable to meet the minimum balance OR salary requirements, there will be 90 calendar days provided to the customer to fulfill the requirements again.

After completion of the 90-day period, if customer has still not met the requirements, they will be downgraded to a regular Savings/Current Account

5) Re-apply for upgrade

Once downgraded, customers can be eligible for the upgrade by meeting the minimum balance OR salary transfer requirements. Instant balance deposits or salary transfers will not reflect a segment update immediately. Customer segment updates are reflected once a month.

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