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Grow Your Money with the Liv. Bonus Multiplier Account

Open an account digitally in minutes using Liv. app for mobile banking

Uzra Mohiuddin

Senior Copywriter
12 May 2023

2 mins read

Saving money is great; but finding the right ways to grow it is what managing your finance is largely about. Whether you’re a conservative or a risk-taker, the Bonus Multiplier account is a great way to earn on the funds that are otherwise lying stagnant in your account.

What if you could earn a premium return on your salary or the money you’ve been saving? A little more to hit that savings goal or splurge on something luxurious you’ve been eyeing for a while - it would be great, wouldn’t it?

Well, we’ve got the perfect proposition for you!

Presenting the Liv. Bonus Multiplier Account – your key to not just earning a good return on your savings, but a host of benefits and services that make it a wholesome experience rather than just another financial product.

This article will help you understand what a Bonus Multiplier account is and how it can add value to your existing financial standing.

What is a Bonus Multiplier Account?

True to its name, the Bonus Multiplier account is designed to offer incremental returns to our customers transferring salaries into their Liv. account or having/ maintaining a certain balance. It’s a premium service that offers significant perks over and above an irresistible rate of return.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store:

  • Up to 2.75% interest – If you love banking with Liv. or are looking to bank with us, the Bonus Multiplier account provides a great incentive - every service you use (salary transfer, savings, credit card, debit card, etc.) gives you the chance to earn a return on your account balance. The more you use, the more you earn!
  • Free DirectRemit – As a Bonus Multiplier account holder you can enjoy unlimited free international transfers to India, Pakistan, Philippines and UK.
  • Free Local Transfers – Enjoy unlimited transfers across banks within UAE at no extra cost!
  • Free ATM withdrawals globally – Frequent traveler? While debit and credit cards have made traveling cashless possible, having the option to access cash is always important. Enjoy free ATM withdrawals wherever you go using your Liv. cards.
  • 1st year free for World Credit Card – By getting upgraded to the Liv. Bonus Multiplier account, get the annual charge (of AED 700) for the 1st year waived off.

How can you switch up?

Think of the Bonus Multiplier account like moving up a gear while driving. If you meet the requirements your account will be automatically upgraded! Know more about it here.

To be eligible, one must fulfil either of the two criteria below:

  • Transfer a salary of AED 10,000 or more into their Liv. account every month, OR
  • Hold savings of AED 30,000 or more

In essence, the Bonus Multiplier account rewards you for every Liv. service you use, be it credit cards, debit cards, international transfers and more. And, why not? Growing your money or building wealth is a slow and long-term process. While there are numerous ways to do so (such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, NFTs, etc.), a good return on your savings is the most risk-free and stable option, and it’s definitely not worth missing.

So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to get more out of your money, upgrade to the Bonus Multiplier account to start availing the benefits right away!


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